Product classification

High voltage linear no-blink IC

Traic Dimming/adjust CT-TH5200B

1Seg High voltage Linear IC-TH5200B(135℃)

1Seg High voltage Linear IC-TH5300B((100℃))

1Seg HV Linear IC-TH5500B-PWM Dimming(ESOP8)

(Switch dimming)HV Linear IC TH2030A(ESOP8)


(12-36V Light strips)Linear IC-TH1A1075

(3-5V Lamps)Linear IC-TH7135

(10-500ma) Adjustable current IC-THD5T12

(10-500ma) Adjustable current IC-THD5T50

(10-2000ma) Adjustable current IC-TH1T200S


IR-LED Ultra-High Precision Constant Current 10-80MA

LD Ultra-High Precision Current Drive (0.5% Accuracy)

UV-LED Ultra-High Precision Constant Current 10-80MA

UVC-LED Ultra-High Precision Constant Current 10-80MA


(0.1-3w)flashlight/headlight IC-TH943X

(0.1-3w)flashlight/headlight IC-TH945X


DCDC buck constant current IC-TH991X

DCDC buck constant current IC-TH992X

DCDC buck constant current IC-TH993X

DCDC boost constant current IC-TH980X

DCDC buck-boost constant current IC-TH970X

DCDC buck constant voltage/current IC-TH900X

DCDC boost constant voltage/current IC-TH910X

Matching Schottky SS34.54.36.310


(AC-DC)Low PF non-isolation-TH81xx

(AC-DC)High PF non-isolation-TH82xx

(AC-DC)Low PF Isolation-TH83xx

(AC-DC)High PF isolation-TH84xx

(AC-DC)High PF non-flicker-TH85xx

(AC-DC)Support Traic dimming-TH86xx

(AC-DC)Support Analog/PWM dimming-TH87xx

(AC-DC)Support Switch dimming-TH88xx

(AC-DC)Constant voltage/current -TH89xx

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Company profile
  • THOOTR SEMICONDUCTOR LIMITED is a Integrated Circuit Design Company focused on LED driver marketsegment. Established in 2001,  is a national hightech enterprise with integrated circuit design and sales as its core business, and is certified by integrated circuit design in September 2007. In 2008, it was rated as the first batch of independent innovation "leading enterprises" in the IC design industry, and passed the icqa quality certification in July 2009. THOOTR has an efficient management and technology development team. The main technology leader has many years of experience in the integrated circuit design industry.  THOOTR has rich experience in integrated circuit design, system integration, cross industry collaboration and enterprise management.

     THOOTR is mainly engaged in the design of analog and radio frequency circuits, with perfect integrated circuit design process and quality reliability guarantee system. The product covers  LED lighting drive, LED display drive, LED landscape brightening drive, LED automobile lighting, LED backlight driver, LED digital display driver, etc. And maintain good cooperative relationship with domestic and foreign integrated circuit production, packaging and testing manufacturers, cooperate with customers to develop products, open up the market to achieve win-win results.
     THOOTR pursues the concept of "humility and honesty", not only provides the most perfect design and technical support services for customers, but also strives to provide customers with high quality integrated circuit products and competitive system solutions, develop the industrial chain of national integrated circuits jointly with customers, and jointly build the industrial chain of national integrated circuits. It is the goal of THOOTR to give back to the society, promote the development of the national integrated circuit industry and build THOOTR into a world - class integrated circuit design enterprise.

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